About Us

Life foundation started as life entertainment where youths come together and put their talent collectives toward the production of movies, song, write ups, slams words that express what was imbedded in them and did not have a way to come put. Through this expression, songs, movies slam and potteries were video out. Life foundation run as an entertainment House from the 26th of October 2020 to the 23thof July 2021 and later on become a foundation because product from the entertainment house where put on sales and income was given to the less privilege. Life foundation started as a youth entertainment house and later grew into a youth organization.

Yes; we know we are young and we are naïve the say where youths are they must be laisser-faire and laxity is bound to be present but we promise you that, that is not the case with life foundation. On our own as youths we cannot do it we need support to help change our community. We know of less privilege kids and we reach out to them the way we can by sharing in common meals, visiting them, raising funds to assist them but with your help, this reaching out will be a life changing experience.

Life Foundation however is divided into two main departments we have the entertainment department under the umbrella of life foundation. We can’t do this on our own that why we call on you all beautiful people to support us making giving your advantage. It should not be a decision; it should not be a merit but it should be from the soul.

Our membership grew progressively as other youths who were idle around us discovered that they had something doing we help youth find a purpose in life and those youths who were distracted and wayward in a juvenile Trent came to us because they saw that had a purpose.

As a young foundation like a turtle trying to take few steps we have engage in several activities that needed partnership. We have partnered with the UNDP, NINAC, NINCEC. Royal jacket troop for the lunching of our foundation this partnership gave us a great experience and so we decided to expand our scale of business and stretch beyond the points` that are unreachable. We make it as our goal to stretch beyond limits for we are not scared of the limits but will act as catapult to send us higher.